503 VKTR – spot on… spot on…

Yes! Finally it happened. Another addition to our ever growing and insanely dope crew.
Introducing VKTR! Vktr aka Viktor (yeah you probably guessed it) makes beats on his mac lappy and his old school sampler and his cheap worn out toy Casios. Viktor is also half of Burger alongside Nabo. He’s also the man responsible for Burgers fresh visual identity. Hopefully some New Folder graphics will come along as well, heh! Check out some of his artwork on his Myspace as well as music.

Vktr is bassheavy, crunk, gltchy, a bit sleazy and smooth as fuck. We dig it and know you will as well.


Here’s a super short interview with Vktr and 2 of his top 5′s:

What’s the short story about Vktr?

Hello my name is viktor (therefore vktr), i am twenty years old and have been making music for nearly 4 years now. I have moved between genres but now i have settled with a kind of slow, bass-heavy hiphop-esque thing. I make beats by hand and try to make melodies by using samples and hardware. I enjoy making remixes and mashups, so far i have made remixes of Pushing People and Naim and look foreward to be making more. I also dj with Uffe (Nabo) under the moniker “Burger”, where we play everything from nasty funk to late 70′s japanese electropop. Expect a burger-mashup compilation soon!

Vktr’s top 5 favourite artist at the moment:
1. Dimlite
2. YMO (Yellow Magic Orchestra)
3. Shlohmo
4. Vlooper
5. Dâm-Funk

Vktr’s top 5 “anthem” tracks:
1. YMO – Rydeen
2. YMO – Rydeen
3. YMO – Rydeen
4. YMO – Rydeen
5. Kool & the Gang – Summer Madness

Last words:
word word

Check Vktr on Myspace and Soundcloud