✖✖✖ ENDLESS #3 ✖✖✖
13/11-2010 – 40 DKR – 23.00-07.00 – DUNKEL, VESTER VOLDGADE 10

Endless is extremely proud to present the return of Adam X in Copenhagen! It has been 17 years since he visited Denmark the last time performing at the infamous Sound & Vision 1 party. A night he rates as one his all time performances. Come down and experience the Brooklyn techno pioneer under his excellent Traversable Wormhole moniker at Dunkel Bar and make this an equally memorable night!



99 New site!

Welcome to the brand New Folder site made by our favourite trainee Jonas Keimer. We are exited about these new possibilities and working on more features such as releases, graphics and secret 3D stuff. Be sure to check the artist/about pages for free stuff laying around. We will try to bring you news and off course a lot of new music. Gigs and events will also likely be published at our Facebook

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436 New Folder Summer Sampler

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